Stamets and Hugh

Writing relationships, 12 different flavours for you to savour

The Love, the hate, the chase, the rewards. What do you need to know about relationships and romance on Starfleet Vessels? Well, you’re about to find out! The most likely place to meet, the best first date ever, what Holodeck program NOT to turn on. You get the drift, you’ll be getting educated by the best Casanova in the fleet, I’m talking about myself of course.
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Hone your writing skills with these 5 writing exercises

There’s writing prompts that are meant to simply spur you on and get some words on paper. An important skill to develop as a writer, for sure, but there’s so much more to writing. These 5 writing exercises will help you hone your writing skills in specific areas. Do them all, or pick the ones that you’re looking to develop!
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NPCs, or Non-Player Characters

We’re going on an away mission! We need Redshirts! Any Redshirts here? No Redshirts… I’ll be darned. Well, that’s why we need NPC’s, cause somebody needs to die every once in a while.
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Super Hero Syndrome

Recognising Super Hero Syndrome

Super Hero Syndrome, or SHS for short, will strike when you least expect it from people you even less expect it from. What is the SHS? How and why does it start? How can we stop it?
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