About L.i.S.P.2020

What is L.i.S.P.2020?

The acronym L.i.S.P. used to stand for Lessons In Superior Posting. Now that we’ve gotten a more fancy website and some delusions of grandeur, we decided to change it to Lessons in Superior Prose 2020. Back in the dark old days of 2006, it was created for use within Obsidian Fleet. This was done in an effort to increase the quality of writing throughout the Star Trek fandom. This fandom is, of course, larger than just OF.

This was proven with Project Khitomer in 2019. Khitomer was a joint effort by Obsidian Fleet, Bravo Fleet, and Pegasus Fleet to bring the writing community closer together. What they didn’t foresee is that it revivified L.i.S.P.. It pushed L.i.S.P.2020 to become something bigger and better. Something that transcended its original programming, and would combine forces from all over the Star Trek RPG universe. Bringing people together to promote high-quality writing, regardless of what game you join!

What L.i.S.P.2020 remains to this day is a non-profit writing resource catered towards online role-playing and collaborative writing experiences. It covers things like the initial creation of a character. The nitty-gritty technical details of writing a readable post. There’s also always room for the more broad subjects like the Inspiration Station series. All made by passionate enthusiasts of the format and genre!

Who is L.i.S.P.2020?

L.i.S.P. was initially created by a long-time Star Trek fan and writer that started playing Play-by-Email role-playing games back in 2001. Initially with Bravo Fleet and making his way to Obsidian Fleet not long after. In all those years he’s been around quite a few fleets and realised that everyone encounters the same sort of challenges. This man had the drive to give something back to the great community that was a big part of keeping this franchise alive during the long drought in the early 2000s, which he did in the form of L.i.S.P.. This man identifies himself as Dr. Fritz von Stossenbaum-Alkazelzer, Ph.D.

With the new face-lift L.i.S.P. has gotten also came fresh blood in the teacher’s lounge of L.i.S.P.2020

This new addition is long time L.i.S.P.er and Doctor of Prosology, Dr. Herman Von Dufenshmertz Lipshitz III, a man of some ill-repute, who has served in just about every capacity in almost all of the fleets in existence (and a few that don’t exist anymore). Once just an avid proponent of L.i.S.P., he set out on his own to revitalize the resource, only to be scooped up by Dr. Stossenbaum-Alkazelzer for the official return! Inspired by a terrifying dedication to ancient gods, Dr. Lipshitz is determined to helping others improve their prose!

We’re not claiming to be the oracle of truth when it comes to writing. Whether it be in Star Trek, RPGs or in general. Everyone writes in their own way. That’s why we invite anyone that reads this to come and talk to us on Discord!

That being said, take what you can from this and incorporate the things you like, that speak to you. Feel free to ignore anything that doesn’t jive with you! (that’s also, coincidentally, how we handle any criticism we might receive)

Why is L.i.S.P.2020?

L.i.S.P. was initially created as a quick and easy guide to new players. New players in both the Star Trek fandom and the collaborative writing scene. Since then it’s grown far beyond that, but the purpose has stayed close to its original intent.

We believe everyone with an interest in (collaborative) writing has something amazing and unique to add to our community. And we want to enable these writers to let their perspectives shine in this ever growing, living world where we all come together to have fun.

Ever since we started writing our (Star Trek) stories, we’ve always been looking for fresh victims writers. The original lessons were greatly appreciated by newcomers and veterans alike. So in this fresh take on L.i.S.P. we wanted to include things that help everyone! From a wide range of fandoms! New and Old alike! Because we believe we can teach old dogs all the new tricks we damn well please!

How is L.i.S.P.2020?

L.I.S.P. is restarting in 2020 with a facelift to bring it up to date with the times. At this moment it’s a two-man operation that sometimes involves some other writers from all walks of life. I hope to keep regular new content going and keep it interesting for players from all levels of experience. I’m more than willing to cater to requests, feel free to reach out or leave comments!

Where is L.i.S.P.2020?

Eh… you do realise that you’re asking this on the L.i.S.P.2020 website, don’t you? Let’s just go to all of the amazing content already!

Anyways, you can also follow us on Instagram and don’t be afraid to join us on the Discord server as well!

When is L.i.S.P.2020?

This format to explain exactly what L.i.S.P. means is kind of getting out of hand, isn’t it? The last one was already pushing it, but this is a really ridiculous question. So let’s just leave it at that and jump into the thick of things!

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