What to do if you really want to use LISP on your OF Sim! First: get a mental health check... if that didn't change your mind or put you in restraints, read this page!   Did you Know...
> ...that you can also throw in ideas and suggestions of your own for a future LISP lesson?
> ...that Prof. Dr. Fritz von Stossenbaum Alkaseltzer also made several books that could benefit any officer in Starfleet?

Terms of Use

Although L.I.S.P. is free and available to any Ship in Obsidian Fleet I do ask a few simple things from the CO's if they want to use it.

  1. L.I.S.P. is free and should only be used in a non-profit way. Trying to make money on this project is not what it was initially mean for, as it was a volunteer project.
  2. If you choose to link to us from your site I would like to have you credit me, not because I'm an attention whore but because I've put time and effort into this project. If you can't think of a reasonable disclaimer yourself you are free to use the example Disclaimer on the right of this screen.
  3. To keep this site up to date I would like to know all the ships that are linking to it so I can add their ship banner and link to this site as well. Please inform me on use of L.I.S.P. if you do decide to use it. Click here for Contact Details
  4. L.I.S.P., Lessons In Superior Posting, Prof. Dr. Fritz von Stossenbaum Alkaseltzer and all things related are copyrighted by me, just because I made it... you know... it helps..

Not to many rules I'd say, it would be even greater if everybody stuck to them. Thanks in advance lads!

Example Disclaimer:

In an effort to bring some tips, pointers, advice, and/or some suggestions to those who are looking to improve their posting quality, I have been given permission by John Conahan to link to his very own posting instructor, Professor Doctor Fritz Von Stossenbaum Alkaseltzer. L.I.S.P. was originally created for use in Obsidian Fleet, if you have a Simm in OF you are free to link to LISP as well.