Lesson #8 "Aliens!"

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With Prof. Dr. Fritz von Stossenbaum Alkaseltzer

Oh No! We are not alone! Now we could run around, put on aluminum foil hats, scream for help and become all xenophobic but we could also embrace this fact. Since we’re all in the Federation we’ll just pretend we embrace the fact. Off course there are exceptions… like the Romulans, Dominion, Breen and the Cardies. But as we are very open people we try to learn something from and about every one.

So we come to this lesson about Aliens! The ones in the Federation (Trill, Vulcans, Bolians, Deltans, etc) and their allies (Klingons, Romulans, etc) but off course also their Enemies (The Dominion, The Borg, Cardassians, Breen etc) I hope you’re nice and comfy because this might take a while.

So the Federation Members first (although it is assumed that Planets join and not entire species, but that’s another topic)! Off course There are at least 150 members in the Federation, which could make this a LONG lesson. But I will only go through the more known ones, the ones that are stationed on ships and stations under Federation Control. Now you might expect elaborate backgrounds and religions but I won’t do this, as it is about the characters to be played I will go into the consequences some alien species have on the personality of the character.

Humans are the best known species and make a good example for the way I want to describe the species in this lesson. Humans are a very emotional species and rely on these emotions and their intuition to steer them the right way, both in their professional and personal life. Although every famous Captain is a Human (Kirk, Picard, Sisko… somewhat… and Janeway) and they give you a very trusted background and foundation, after a while they cease to be a real challenge to play. Most humans also have a twisted sense of honour and friendship that will make them decide to save a friend out of a very unlikely situation.

Vulcans seem to be exactly everything that Humans are not. They use logic and are of opinion that this can be used to explain and resolve any problem, they also suppress their emotions at all costs as it was emotions that nearly led to their self destruction. Usually they have a superiority complex to match their heightened strength and agility. While they do look down on humans they usually hide it very well. Once it was said Vulcans did not lie, as it was rather illogical but this statement has been proven wrong on more then one occasion. Vulcans also have the annoying habit of stating the obvious and saying so in a queen English fashion (so "Do not" in stead of "Don’t"). There is only one time that Vulcans lose control of their emotions and logic, the Pon Farr, once every seven years the Vulcan male will have to go through the ritual in order to… stay alive really.

Andorians are best known to resemble 'Klingon-Light', they have it all honour, a rich fighting background and training to be able to kill someone with their bare hands from the age of 4. But the 'light' part is that they do have some common sense every once in a while, they won’t go stepping on the toes of everyone in the bar just to get a fight. They are friendlier then Klingons, this probably has something to do with them being in the Federation. Being from a polar world they have a blue skin and seem to be almost insectoid with two feelers on their heads and bright white hair.

Tellarites are rude… and they consider that to be a good thing. The first thing they do when being welcomed as a guest is tell the host everything that is wrong. Then they start discussions and usually in a loud and obnoxious manner. They are however one of the founding members of the Federation and perhaps have come a long way… makes you wonder how they were back then. So when you run into a Tellarite tell him his shoes are ugly and he smells, that will make him respect you… or shoot you… Either way a win-win situation!

Trill live for joining, at least most of them do. Only one in a thousand of the Trills can be joined, and there are around 300 symbionts available every year. So you can understand how Joined Trills will be more arrogant then Vulcans and how Un-joined Trills are more insecure and wallowing in self pity then most humans. Both aspects are very fun to play by the way. The only other quirk really known about Trills is that their hands are cold, almost as if they are cold-blooded and their spots run all the way down. They seem very like humans in their personalities and behaviour and have no great religion. They have slightly heightened hearing and can also identify somebody they know by their footsteps, although this would need some practice.

Bajorans are a very old and proud race with a very rich history. Although, during the Occupation of Bajor, the Cardassians tried to eradicate any trace of this and stole several important and valuable artefacts. So far every single Bajoran seems to be deeply religious and they wear an earring (called: ) that ensures they can find the way to the celestial temple after they have died. They believe their lives are laid out before them by the prophets and that they have to walk a certain path, although it’s not always clear and without peril. Since the Occupation every Bajoran kind of hates the Cardassians, although you do have collaborators. They are a very friendly people and try to make you feel at home whenever you visit them, however if they are put into danger and left little choice they will fight with a fury seen in most warrior races.

Deltans are bald. Very obvious but it had to be said, even the females of the race are bald and without eyebrows. They are a very timid people and would most likely be seen in Medical, Counselling or Diplomatic positions, although Deltan security is not unheard of. Their best known feat is the pheromones, a bit like the Orion females, they can release pheromones to arouse or anger people, depending on their mood. Deltans also have reached a superior plane when it comes to mating, it is no longer just physical but also very mental, this fact prevents them from having sexual relations with many other species, as it can be dangerous. Because of this danger any and all Deltan that wants to join Starfleet has to take an Oath of celibacy, preventing them from taking advantage of their pheromones and endanger other crewmembers.

Orions are green. Ok seriously I will stop making the very obvious statements, someday soon. In the past (before they joined the Federation) Orions were the brain behind the black market, everything that was illegal could be bought on their homeworld. To this date the Orion Syndicate still exists and wreaks havoc every now and again. In the past Orion Females were sold as slave girls on auctions, due to their pheromones they can make any man fall desperately in love with them. It is rumoured that Orion Females were actually the 'Alpha-gender' amongst Orions, but nothing has been confirmed. Other then that Orions (both male and female) are very easy going, almost like humans, although the females can be a bit more physical.

Betazoids have Empathic and Telepathic abilities, they can sense and project moods and emotions from and upon other people as well as read minds and thoughts. Although Hybrids do have this ability it's very weak and underdeveloped. Externally Betazoids are amongst the most Humanoid species on record, they are almost indistinguishable from humans if it wasn't for one small detail. The Irisses of their eyes are completely back. Betazed has a complex hereditary nobility which includes that children genetically bonded to a future spouse. One other fun fact, in a Traditional Betazed wedding everybody is naked, including the bride, groom and all the guests.

El Aurian are a species that originally came from the Delta Quadrant, but they scattered across the Galaxy after the Borg attacked and assimilated their world. They are a species of listeners/empaths. Most of them turn these abilities to good use… while some others think it is more useful to make some fast cash with. Normally El-Auriens have an extreme long life span, not unknown to live past 300, or even longer. They are very easy going and almost pacifistic, they are willing to help any other sentient being to the best of their ability.

Freed Borg are those who have been severed from the Collective, it is possible to de-assimilate a person (as shown with Cpt. Jean-Luc Picard and Seven of Nine) back to their former species. However it seems that the longer you stay in the collective the more you turn into one of the Borg, a person that has been in the Collective since the age of six has a lot of difficulty returning to a more human state while someone who has only been Assimilated for a short time span (Locutus of Borg) will get back to his normal self rather easily. Mostly Borg have character traits of all the species assimilated by the Borg, although their own species has the upper hand. In order to be a Freed-Borg you will have to be assimilated first, if you want to be a species from the Alpha Quadrant this had to be done on one of two locations/occasions (unless off course you stranded in the Delta Quadrant by a freak accident) The first being the Battle for Wolf 359 and the second being the Battle for Sector 001.

Cross-breeds (or Hybrids) can be the best of both worlds! Or the worst off course…. The good thing is, as long as it seems in the least bit plausible, the combinations are endless! Canonly several cross-breeds have been identified, knowing: Vulcan-Human, El Aurien-Human, Klingon-Human, Cardassian-Bajoran, Cardassian-Kazon, Betazoid-Human, Ktarian-Human, Andorian-Aenar, Human-Ocampa, Klingon-Betazoid-Human, Klingon/Romulan, Human/Trill. And the list goes on! I advise you to look at (( http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Inter-species_reproduction )) for more information on this subject. Point of interest is the Cardassian-Bajoran Hybrid, during the occupation not all Cardassians stayed faithful to their wifes and the Bajoran woman that suffered this unfaithfulness soon found out that Cardassians and Bajorans were compatible.

That Was a long read, but I think rather helpful for those who are looking to play something different then a Human for once. Now, some people might be interested in the other species we hang out with, our Allies! While they both have appeared on Starfleet vessels they are mostly Exchange Officers (even more so with Romulans) and without a Very good story not many COs would accept an application from a Romulan Starfleet Officer, while Klingon is a bit easier to explain nowadays.

Klingons! Our Worst Enemy! Ohw… wait… greatest ally! (since the Khitomer accords in 2293) After this treaty having a Klingon on your vessel is not unheard off, but we’re not here for a history lesson. Klingons thrive on Honor, Battle and Gagh! Their society is based on the Great Houses, a long line of Noble Lineage. Sexual relations of Klingons are just as violent as the rest of their society and history, fractures and bruises are not uncommon. They are a very traditional people, clinging to believes and rituals that have existed for centuries. A wedding, for example, is accompanied by long lines of history and speeches out of dusty old books. By tradition Males are dominant on the outside world but the household is fully in the hands of the Female. Klingons prefer their steak still moo'ing, as well as any other meat they migh want to eat. Interesting to notes are that there are (at least) 51 different variations of Gagh and a slap with the back of the hand indicates a challenge to a Duel to the death.

The Romulans are sneaky, manipulative, sneaky, arrogant, sneaky, self centered and did I mention sneaky? Although they are now officially on friendly terms with the UFP (after the Dominion War and Shinzon incident) it has been noted that Romulans ultimately have a goal to dominate the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. They are distant cousins from the Vulcans, whom they left around the time that Surak implemented his teachings and started the Time of Awakening, the Romulans are the best known descendants from the colonists that left Vulcan in search for a new home. While they do have some level of emotional control and they do follow logic they are more led by their intuition and emotions then the Vulcans (which is really not a challenge). And when push comes to shove Romulans can be a ruthless and unforgiving as Klingons.

In a Universe so vast and large there are not many super powers that side with the Federation. You have the, mysterious, Breen, the treacherous Cardassians, and the Profit driven Ferengi there with them in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Not the mention the Borg and Dominion from the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. However, since this lesson is quite Long as it is I will handle them in the next lesson on enemy species. (While Ferengi are not really the enemy they are not really allies either… not to mention that they would sell weapons to anyone who would pay enough but they don’t emerge themselves into any wars)

So until next time, I remain,
Prof. Dr. Fritz von Stossenbaum Alkaseltzer
"Klingons make Great Warriors... but Terrible Doctors!"