Word from the Dev:
I hope that this site will help a lot of starting (and veteran) Players and CO's to get inspiration for their posting and Vessels. LISP is not only meant for new players, it's also rather helpful for those who've been at it for a longer time.

Lessons will be written and uploaded whenever I feel a creative writing itch.

Did you Know...
> ...That LISP was Originally made for the USS Pegasus?

> ...That there are currently Three ships that use this service?
> ...That LISP is available for all Ships in Obsidian Fleet?
> ...That you can click these texts?


Thuesday, July 18th 2006: It took some time but we're Back! Check the Lessons section for Lesson #8 about Aliens! This lesson is about the best known Members of the UFP as well as the greatest Allies. Hope you Enjoy!

Prof. Dr. Fritz von Stossenbaum Alkaseltzer