For those interested a little story about the beginning and escalation of L.I.S.P.  

Did you Know...
> ...That there are currently Three ships that use this service?
> ...That LISP is available for all Ships in Obsidian Fleet?
> ...That you can click these texts?


On The First day... hold on... let's fast forward a bit... Big bang, WWI, WWII, WWIII, Vulcans, Federation, Obsidian Fleet. That ought to do it, we're up to date.

The USS Pegasus is a Centaur Class vessel in Obsidian Fleet, why is this important you ask? Well it's the vessel that started this whole thing, so the CO is to blame for all this. But seriously, some background for this silly yet useful project.

When the Pegasus had just started its positions were filled at record rate, not all of these players were veterans in the realm of PBeM Star Trek RP'ing. So the CO sought a way to educate these people in a fast and efficient way. He could've send them through the Cadet Academy of Obsidian fleet, which has also has its own pros, but he decided against. Instead he found that a more efficient way to educate his minions... I mean players... was to make lessons that everybody could read at their own pace and without any obligations.

And thus L.I.S.P. was born, Since the Pegasus itself was only semi serious if it came to the Roleplay that happened on the ship it wasn't more then logical to make the Lessons that the crew would read were written with a wink.

The project skyrocketed as the first three lessons were up within the first week of initiating L.I.S.P.. After a few days filled with tinkering and beta reading the CO of the Pegasus felt that it was time to show it to somebody outside of the Pegasus sim, for a more independant look on things. The CO of the USS Katana was the poor bastard that got chosen to be the independant eye.

Luckily after reading only the first few lessons he fell in love with L.I.S.P. and Prof. Dr. Fritz von Stossenbaum Alkaseltzer... ok wait... that came out the wrong way... anyways, the suggestion was soon made to let his Crew enjoy the blessings of L.I.S.P. as well, making the Katana Officially the first "User" of this "service"

It was not long before others started to find out about L.I.S.P. as well, so it came to pass that the Commanding Officer of the USS Britannia asked if it would be possible to link to LISP as well. Off course it was possible, since by now I was power hungry and wanted to spread this all across the world... I mean... since one more link would mean more enlightened souls, more people I could potentially help.

With this in mind I proposed to make the service available to all the CO's in Obsidian Fleet on a CO meeting of TF47, the idea was recieved with interest and enthousiasm so the day after I started creating this site, making the first step to making L.I.S.P. an independant service for all the CO's in OF.

Special Thanks go out to:

Commander James Conrad, (CO of the USS Katana) for continued support/help/critique/comments/suggestions for this project, it is much appreciated.

Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova (XO of the USS Pegasus) for help with writing the lessons and coming up with new ideas to keep the lessons interesting and fun.

The interviewed people in Lesson #4 "Inspiration", your answers were very helpful and hopefully will be helpful to others who read it as well. Without your help the lesson about Inspiration might have been postponed due to lack of... *dramatic Drumroll* inspiration... Thank you:
> Commodore Thelek Uvar – Commanding Officer on the USS London
> Cmdr. James Conrad – Commanding Officer on the USS Katana
> Lt. Cmdr. Kristiana Petrova – Executive Officer on the USS Pegasus
> Ensigns T’Rell & Ronald Evans – Chief Flight Control and Chief Operations on the USS Pegasus

Commander Tanaka Chan (CO of the USS Britannia) probably just for taking me as his XO and allowing me to devellop my RP'ing skills *salutes*