Although LISP is free to be used by any sim within Obsidian Fleet we do have some Terms of Use you might want to look into before putting it on your site.
  Did you Know...
> ...That LISP was Originally made for the USS Pegasus?
> ...That there are currently Three ships that use this service?
> ...That LISP is available for all Ships in Obsidian Fleet?
> ...That you can click these texts?


This website, L.I.S.P. and Prof. Dr. Fritz von Stossenbaum Alkaseltzer are created and used in a non profit way. While you are free to use LISP on your own site it is preferred that you link to this page instead of ripping all the lessons from it's pages and posting them as your own.

For now the use of LISP outside of Obsidian Fleet is prohibited but if you feel that you have a good use for this "program" outside OF then you are free to contact me